General Worker Jobs

A general worker job description typically lists the job title and, in some cases, the department or supervisor that oversees this job. It tells the reader that he should have a working understanding of this type of job and lets him know that he could perform the job with this basic knowledge. Develop a summary of what the job entails to give applicants an overview of the required responsibilities. Provide a list of the job’s responsibilities and the basic qualifications needed. For example, tell the applicant what she needs to know about this work, such as the ability to operate factory machinery or to handle office duties.


In a general job description, education requirements may simply say that a high school education is required, or it may specify that applicants should have some education beyond high school. A wide-scope college degree like a bachelor of science in business or a vocational diploma such as one in office careers may be sufficient for the job. The description should say whether the listed education is preferred or required. Special-purpose job descriptions typically list the type of degree and area of study that is required. In addition, specialized training, certifications, continuing education and licensing may be essential to the job or the hiring policy. Include specialized studies, certifications or internship requirements in the job description to help weed out those who do not have the required training or board-approved certifications

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