Accounts Receivable Manager

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Location Isando, South Africa
Date Posted Feb 13, 2021
Category Accounting Finance Jobs
Job Type Full-time


Key Accountabilities and Outputs

Manage Accounts Payable Processes
• Manage the end to end Accounts Receivable function
• Manage and effectively coordinate the processing of payments/collections and review of reconciliations.
• Continuous review and identification of gaps and opportunities for AR process optimisation
• Track and monitor performance of AR processes against KPIs and implement corrective actions where necessary
• Ensure accounts are effectively monitored and maintained
• Ensure accurate application of the National Credit Act
• Monitor and review any special payment arrangements with customers
• Manage Credit Checks and New Account Openings in a way that minimises financial risk to the organisation
• Effectively resolve customer disputes in relation to payments owed

General Operational and Financial Management
• Actively participate in operational planning and budgeting processes
• Drive continuous improvement through streamlining and optimising relevant operational practices, processes and systems
• Ensure adherence to operational and financial frameworks of practices, processes, standards and controls
• Control cost and take the necessary action to mitigate any financial risks or non-compliance

Behavioural Competencies

• Helps others with their work.
• Meets commitments to team members or others in the organisation.
• Actively contributes to team discussions and the accomplishment of team work plans.
• Shares expertise and resources to help others address their needs.
• Seeks to include all those who can contribute to the most successful outcome and those who have a stake in the results.
• Actively keeps all stakeholders informed.
• Attempts to reinvigorate team processes when progress is lagging: stays engaged even when not in full agreement with the team’s direction.

• Accomplishes assigned tasks and goals: takes necessary actions to keep progress against objectives on track.
• Prepares a roadmap for success.
• Ensures that all who need to know, are clear about the plan.
• Takes full responsibility for own actions and outcomes, including mistakes.
• Always acts in the company’s best interest, regardless of whether it is difficult or unpopular.
• Ensures others are on track for achieving their goals.

Decision Making
• Organises information to make it easier to analyse or see trends.
• Anticipates consequences and formulates alternatives.
• Establishes clear decision criteria for making informed choices.
• Seeks relevant information to better understand situations and problems.
• Conducts appropriate analysis; neither makes snap decisions or over-analyses.
• Sees relationships between various facts, figures or other information.

Analytical Thinking
• Able to take a complex task and breaking it down into manageable parts in a logical, detailed way.
• Thinks of multiple explanations or alternatives to a problem
• Able to identify the information needed to solve a problem effectively
• Performs tasks accurately and thoroughly, making adjustments to ensure needs are met
• Considers business priorities when making decisions or analysing the costs and benefits of various alternative solutions.

Planning and Organising
• Manages time effectively, ensuring effective completion of tasks under stressful deadlines.
• Able to prioritise activities and resources, ensuring that results are achieved effectively.
• Able to evaluate progress and make appropriate adjustments to initial plans, ensuring a successful outcome.

Qualifications and Experience
• 3 Year Diploma in Credit Management or Bachelors Degree in Accounting (B.Com 3 years)
• 5 year’s experience (Operational Execution, Management of Accounts Receivable Department)
• At least 5 years experience in
• Engagement with multiple stakeholders in the business in order to support & deliver on objectives.
• Experience building robust business processes.
• Experience within FMCG industry.
• Advanced Excel

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