Team Leader

at Standard Bank
Location Thabazimbi, South Africa
Date Posted Sep 15, 2020
Category Banking Jobs
Job Type Full-time


    • Job Purpose


      • Builds and develops resources and environments to enable the team to achieve its desired vision.
      • Responsible for the facilitation of a team’s outcomes.
      • Facilitate the process of removing obstacles.
      • Accountable for a team in a POR.
      • The team consists of: Cash roles – including Telling, BDC, Forex and ATM’s (physical branch only)


      Key Responsibilities/Accountabilities

      Determine customer requirements:

      • Ensures that Cash Consultants attend to walk-in customers, understand what matters to the customer and delivers against those demands (i.e. determine the what, why, when, where and how).
      • Ensures that Cash Consultants identify the authenticity of the customer in order to prevent disclosure of information to unauthorised persons (e.g., knows how to identify the customer).
      • Ensures that Cash Consultants take ownership of every cash demand and provides the customer with an immediate response (depending on the nature of the demand) or facilitates the completion of the customer demand.
      • Ensures that Cash Consultants understand the risks associated with the handling of cash related demands (e.g., follows effective controls to minimise risk).

      Meet customer demand:

      • Checks and releases (within limit) various products / service applications / transactions (e.g., telling, BDC, forex, etc.)
      • Provides a general cash information service (e.g., telling, forex, ATM, etc.)
      • Makes contact with customers to provide completed arrangements accurately and timeously (mainly for forex and bulk telling).
      • Ensures that sufficient traveller’s cheques and bank drafts are held in reserves stock to meet the demands of the customer.
      • Manages work list queues to ensure items are actioned within agreed timelines, and/or re-assign staff to different queues to ensure work completed within agreed timelines.
      • Ensures staff are appropriately reflected on the organisation structure for distribution of work items to the correct staff/teams.
      • Coaches staff on all cash matters in order to ensure that staff are empowered to deliver on what matters to the customer.

      Identify demand generation opportunities:

      • In conversing with walk-in customers, identify demand generation opportunities:
        • Completes lead generation tracking forms as and when required.  Ensures that all leads are logged correctly in the presence of the customer and identifies demand generation opportunities.
        • Participates in specific campaigns and marketing activities as required.
        • Proactively promotes the use of multiple channels to customers including mobile banking, internet banking and other non-branch channels.
        • Accurately captures, updates or amends customer information and history notes.

      Routine administration:

      • Ensures that there is a sufficient number of staff in place to meet the fluctuating demands of customers by effectively interpreting and actioning the data provided by the Branch Scheduling Tool (BST).
      • Maintains and updates all administration pertaining to the BST.
      • Updates, edits and publishes schedules drawn from BST.
      • Assists the tellers in sorting, counting and bagging specie.
      • Forwards cheque withdrawals to the Integrated Processing Solution (IPS).
      • Supervises teller’s productivity, service standards, quality and accuracy of work.
      • Assists in the balancing of cash when necessary.
      • Scrutinises balancing attempts by tellers systematically.
      • Ensures that cash summaries are completed according to laid down procedures.
      • Actions withdrawal summaries on the system.
      • Ensures that the frontline area presents a tidy, professional image to customers.
      • Actions and scrutinises relevant reports as per laid-down instructions.
      • Signs foreign drafts within limits of authority.
      • Ensures that all cheques / clearance vouchers exceeding limits are countersigned by a member of management.
      • Ensures that revenue is recovered correctly for all types of transactions/services provided.
      • Releases foreign Exchange transactions and financial transfers within limits of authority.
      • Checks pending files at the end of the day to ensure all captured transactions have been released.
      • Ensures that offshore/onshore, contract worker and study allowance files are maintained.
      • Checks and releases all cover applications on a daily basis within levels of authority.
      • Monitors all documents that have not been collected by customers.
      • Ensures stationery orders for own department are submitted.
      • Ensures that faxes are handled according to laid-down procedures, if the department has a fax machine.
      • Ensure that exchange control (Excon) rulings and Reserve Bank circulars are updated.
      • Ensures that all queries received online or via SWIFT are recorded in the register and replied to promptly.
      • Attends to related telephone calls, e-mails and customer queries.
      • Ensures that all queries/complaints received from customers, International Division and International Business Centres are attended to within 48 hours of receipt.
      • Provides input with regard to investigation of losses for own area.
      • Ensures staff awareness in terms of fraud activities.
      • Ensures that Tellers, Foreign exchange differences are reported according to laid down procedures.
      • Completes documentation with regard to investigations of losses for own area.
      • Ensures staff awareness in terms of fraud.
      • Obtains documentation and assist with fraud investigations.
      • Prepares detailed correspondence to internal audit when a special investigation is required.
      • Prepares detailed correspondence to the FRLM when reporting losses and attend to all Integrated Processing Centre (IPC) queries pertaining to losses.
      • Collates information pertaining to losses incurred which must be forwarded to the Fraud Risk Loss Management Loss.
      • Reports losses for own department according to laid down procedures.
      • Ensures that finding sheets from Risk Assurance and Internal Audit has been responded and irregularities attended to according to laid down procedures.
      • Reads weekly circulars and ensure subordinates do the same.
      • Scrutinise relevant reports as stipulated in laid down procedures.

      Cash handling:

      • Ensures that the correct procedures are adhered to for the handling and movement of cash assets in the branch.
      • Ensures that the correct security procedures are adhered to when cash is delivered to/collected from relevant cash transit company (SBV).
      • Orders and arranges clearing of surplus cash.
      • Receives notes and specie from tellers to be lodged into treasury.
      • Monitors cash trends and ensures cash holdings are within prescribed limits.
      • Controls seals for bags used for cash clearances.
      • Assists the controlling officer with surprise checks of tellers and ATMs.
      • Ensures that all differences are handled as per laid-down procedures.
      • Ensures that excess branch cash holdings are reported as per laid-down procedures.
      • Ensures that good quality bank notes are recycled in accordance with the South African.
      • Reserve Bank (SARB) minimum requirement by custodians, via the note recycler, for issue to customers and self-service ATM replenishment by the Branch (where applicable).

      ATM custodianship:

      • Acts as secondary custodian of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) / Auto Note Acceptor Machine (ANA) keys.
      • Acts as secondary custodian for the ANA / ATM (KABA) Automatic time delay lock pass code.
      • Acts as primary custodian of receipts for duplicate keys.
      • Has joint custodianship for treasury holdings.

      Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and Automated Money Acceptor (ANA):

      • Ensures that Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and Automated Money Acceptor (ANA) are balanced bi-weekly.
      • Ensures that laid-down instructions pertaining to the replenishing of ATM cash and processing of ATM deposits are adhered to.
      • Monitors availability of ATM / ANA and ensures uptime.
      • Checks that ATM / ANA cards retained are actioned correctly.
      • Controls the ATM / ANA post-dated cheques register.

      Risk and compliance:

      • Ensures that cash limits are strictly adhered to.
      • Ensures that all drafts, traveller’s cheques, foreign notes, rand cash and tellers stamps are locked away during lunch hours and overnight according to laid-down procedures.
      • Ensures that the locking away register is up to date.
      • Ensures that foreign note and rand cash holdings are maintained according to laid down procedures.
      • Ensures that foreign notes and rand cash are balanced on a daily basis according to laid-down procedures.
      • Ensures fraudulent foreign notes are handled according to laid-down procedures.
      • Ensures that all losses, teller’s differences and excess cash holdings are reported according to laid down procedures.
      • Ensures that all deposits and withdrawals are in line with Exchange Control (EXCON) rules and regulations.
      • Ensures that documents accompanying foreign bills for collection are controlled according to laid-down procedures and handed to customers once bills have been accepted.
      • Follows-up on foreign bills for collection which have not been accepted by customers.
      • Ensures that tracers are sent for Bills of Exchange Foreign Agent (BEFA) which are outstanding for more than 4 weeks.
      • Attests No Exchange Provided (NEP) and ensures that a diary system is maintained.
      • Ensures that an authenticated message regarding debits and credits of a customer foreign currency accounts (CFC) are dispatched for all foreign finance deals.
      • Ensures that forward exchange contracts are handled according to laid-down procedures and attends to all aspects of telephonic requests for contract extensions, cancellations, establishments and deliveries.
      • Controls the bill pad.
      • Undertakes monthly exchange control test checks of foreign exchange transactions.
      • Ensures that an independent officer undertakes a monthly surprise check on all blank forms and that the correct certificates are completed.

      People management:

      • Manages a team to ensure effective delivery of objectives for the area.
      • Develops a high performing team by embedding the bank's performance process, regular performance feedback and coaching.  Addresses poor performance.
      • Motivates team members and ensures that they receive recognition for work well done.
      • Maintains a succession plan for the team by reviewing the skills of the team at least twice a year and has career conversations with them.
      • Determines development needs of the team and ensures that development opportunities (training, rotation, on-the-job learning) are budgeted for and executed.
      • Interviews and recruits new members of the team, including determining the appropriate salary with input from the Human Capital Business Partner.
      • Creates workforce plans for the area to ensure that current and future business requirements can be met. Such plans should be revisited at least twice a year.
      • Uses workforce plans to obtain headcount approvals on an annual basis and as input into the financial budgeting cycles.
      • Creates quarterly leave plans to ensure adequate coverage. Approves leave requests and leave sale requests.
      • Monitors overtime on a monthly basis. Analyses reasons for overtime and creates actions to address the issues.
      • When required, initiates disciplinary processes for team members. Resolves grievances raised by team members, escalates only if required.
      • Typically 3-10 direct reports.

      Successful delivery of outputs would be measured as follows:

      • Customer satisfaction rating.
      • Minimised customer hand offs.
      • Customer demand perfectly delivered without any ‘comebacks’.
      • Endeavour to do only value work – as gauged by the Team Leader.
      • Meet what matters to the customer (within laid-down policies and procedures).
      • Improvement on capability of response.
      • Highlighting and acting on areas of improvement.
      • Effective people management (e.g. performance appraisal discussions conducted; EPM contracts in place; job descriptions in place and kept up to date).



      Preferred Qualification and Experience


      • Minimum Qualifications: Diploma Field of study: Business Commerce
      • 5-7 Years Previous branch banking experience in the front line (e.g., telling, forex, treasury functions).  Understands the impact of exchange rates and EXCON regulations.
      • Knowledge of the Retail Forex and New Deliver System (NDS) systems; retail and commercial exchange control rulings; retail and commercial foreign exchange products required for understanding the context of stated customer demands; foreign travel products and related banking procedures.
      • Ability to apply accounting principles when calculating interest (local and foreign banks) and exchange rates.
      • Knowledge of the procedures and the interdependencies of the various functions performed in the branch.


      Knowledge/Technical Skills/Expertise


      • Customer Understanding
      • Product Knowledge
      • Application and Submission Verification
      • Processing
      • Customer Acceptance and Review
      • Banking Process and Procedures
      • Heart of Customer Experience
      • Client Retention
      • Customer and Client Focused Innovation
      • Driving Delivery of Results
      • Leading Courageously
      • Inspiring Performance for Execution
      • Growing Capability
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