at Masa
Location East London, South Africa
Date Posted Sep 15, 2020
Category Engineering / Technical Jobs
Job Type Full-time


  • Responsibilities:

    1. Liaise with and report to the Technical Supervisor and Regional Controller for the region.
    2. Liaise with the maintenance departments for each facility in the region to coordinate and get approval
    for activities, determine their leak reports, transfer skills and to sign-off on job cards.
    3. Water Audits (ongoing) of facilities to determine:
    a. Meter accuracy, installation method, meter information/details, current flow rates and GPS
    b. Design/Draught a basic water schematic of each facility`s water reticulation;
    c. Demarcated areas for zoning and sub-zoning;
    d. Visible leak repairs (including storage vessels, bulk infrastructure, indoor connections and
    end-users points);
    e. Invisible leak repairs (subterranean);

    f. Potential for pressure management;
    g. Potential for human behaviour and operations improvements;
    h. Potential for water efficiency and retrofitting;
    i. Potential for water substitution/ augmentation.
    4. Provide input on an intervention schedule for each site in consultation with the Technical Supervisor
    and the Regional Controller:
    a. A list of water savings interventions;
    b. An estimate of kl/day water savings per intervention;
    c. Obtaining quotes for each intervention;
    d. Scheduling of interventions for implementation.
    5. Implement and/ or supervise sub-contractors to implement the water savings intervention schedule.
    6. Monitor and maintain water savings per site.
    7. Provide feedback and materials for reporting on water savings and meetings to the Regional
    Controller for meetings with the Client.
    8. Fulfil the following appointed H&S roles for a given number of facilities/ projects:
    a. Construction Supervisor [CR 8(7)];
    9. Sourcing and quality and cost management of sub-contractors


    Technical Skills Requirements
    1. Auditing for water savings and water efficiency opportunities;
    2. Cut and install bulk infrastructure fitting: bulk meters, Non-return valve, Ball Valves, etc.
    3. Repair pipe bursts/ leaks ranging from 15 mm to 250 mm;
    4. Ability to carry out domestic plumbing such as repair leaks on cistern mechanisms, taps, flush valves,
    stop cocks etc.;
    5. Measure pipe diameters and have a good understanding of the pipes and fittings required to carry out
    repairs on older pipe systems such as asbestos cement and galvanised pipe work;
    6. Understanding/ Experience in water conservation and water efficiency measures, i.e. Borehole, rain
    and grey water harvesting will be an advantage;
    7. Understanding/ Experience of bulk infrastructure, i.e. reservoirs, pump stations and the ability to
    conduct step tests will be an advantage;
    8. Identify appropriate tools and materials for repair and chooses plumbing materials based on budget,
    location, and intended uses;
    9. Ability to plan, foresee and mitigate potential operational complications.

    General Skills Requirements
    1. General understanding of the utility environment with particular reference to Water Infrastructure,
    Water Efficiency and Water Demand Management;
    2. Good communicating and reporting
    3. Be able to draught a basic reticulation schematic from a provided legend;
    4. Must be able to use Outlook/ Email, Shared Drive and Google Chrome, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft
    5. Meticulous recording of information, filing and paperwork;

    6. Must be self-driven and highly motivated to achieve results and continuously improve skills and
    7. Alignment and practice of the Company Values:
    - Accountability
    - Continuous Improvement
    - Resourcefulness
    - Excellence and Commitment
    - Integrity.
    8. Professionally dedicated, innovative, able to work independently and to manage others;
    9. Customer Service orientated;
    10. Adhere to and supervise a culture of Health and Safety and the required policies and procedures;
    11. Maintain a “No Conflict of Interest Policy”, protect the Company’s IP, interests, resources and data,
    and be honest when conflicts of interest do arise

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