My name is Joseph commonly known as Joe, I am a young 57 year old and I reside in Kempton Park on the East Rand.

I am person who is self-directed and I can work with minimal supervision, Over the years I have trained myself to add value to both my colleagues, superiors and. I poses a knowledge of procurement principles and best practices for stock / stores, which I  have acquired over  my 30 years’ experience working in the construction / building industry both in the mining and building  and retail/ wholesale  industries, with Zimplats, Sandvik Mining and, Grinaker Construction, Alpha building supplies, etc. To name but a few, working as a Manager, Senior Buyer, Store man / salesman.

People will see,  I  conduct myself in an appropriate manner as a representative of  my  company,  working effectively in  any diverse work environment.

On a daily basis in my procurement duties, certain standards are met and that any materials purchased are always delivered in a timely manner and then appropriately distributed to that concerned party, and then paid for in a correct manner.

I will source and purchase a wide variety of capital (equipment), technical and non-technical items and materials (including capital construction) within the guidelines of the company policies and government regulations.

I will source, Identifies, selects vendors and initiates Purchase Orders, and Contracts for equipment, materials, construction and services. I have signatory authority for Purchase orders as delegated by that particular company. I will also provide guidance and training to various other people and departments concerning purchasing processes and procedures.

Reviews and edits requisitions and confers with all departments regarding requirements, specifications, quantity and quality of merchandise and delivery requirements.

I will verify if the item is carried as a stock item or as a buyout, and ascertain if it should be carried in stock, recommend changes and/or substitutions where a savings in cost, improved quality or improved delivery will result for that particular item or items.

I analyses and evaluates quotations and proposals. Recommends or approves awarding of Contracts, Purchase Orders, and Bulk orders, sub-contract orders insuring all purchases comply with the client request and BEE policies and procedures and accepted trade practices.

Determine and implements the appropriate contract/purchasing methods on a case-by-case basis.

Prepares Invitation for orders, Requests for Quotations and Bills of Quantity, selecting all appropriate Terms and Conditions including all supplemental documents and discussing pertinent information with requisitions and potential bidders.

Interviews vendors and their representatives and maintains close contact to assure sources of supply that can meet the company requirements for quality, price and speed of delivery and completion of order.

Negotiates adjustments with vendors involving replacement of equipment or materials not conforming to purchase specifications, cancellations/termination of contracts and/or purchase orders and preparation of contract amendments and/or Change Notices as required.

I will carry out necessary follow-up to insure delivery and contract performance as required by Purchase Order, Contract or the store

Administers service and capital equipment contracts from date of award through close out with assistance of technical staff ensuring full compliance with Terms and Conditions and technical requirements.

Provides assistance/guidance to all personnel who have requisitioning authority for services, supplies, equipment and item from stock. Provides assistance to Engineering staff in interpretation of terms and conditions from drawings for construction contracts and/or in resolution of conflicts with contractors.

I will implement administers Inventory Cards (Inventory-Card) Program for the store, which includes counting, on a daily,  or weekly basis, approving, and taking action on items in the store,  item has a min and max , last purchase price, part number as well as three possibly suppliers.                                                            Also trains new I-Card holders, and enter all purchase activity, receipts, and check requests when the item was received or booked out for a particular job, or the same exercise on your computer on a spread sheet c/w various formulae to monitor stock for example excel will be used.

On a daily basis I will monitors contract deliveries and schedules; processes invoices and notifies project manager of potential contractual problems and brings closure to any disagreements with the contractor, as well as providing assistance to any technical personnel in completion of  their work, specifications, schedules and other contract requirements.

I will take responsibility for the accurate processing and reconciliation of all account documents

I will then ensure that all payments are done correctly and contain all the necessary required information.

Ensure that invoices are paid timeously and correctly

Capturing invoices into Build Smart from all supporting documentation supplied by the

various sites and the office.



Coordinates the disposal of the company's obsolete and surplus property, which can include arranging and overseeing auctions and other methods of sale/disposal and provides training to others as needed.

I have gained extensive experience and as well as given the responsibility in purchasing  items of large volume, from equipping a house with all furniture to purchasing small plant like a Bobcat, to servicing and purchase of various site vehicles .

PC proficiency in word processing software as well as proficiency in Internet and email use.

Strong knowledge of computerized purchasing and inventory systems, which includes the ability to learn and become proficient on purchasing and inventory systems.

Working knowledge of contracts, contract procedures and contractual documents.

Knowledge of general business practices.

Ability to communicate with tact and diplomacy, both orally and in writing, using proper spelling, grammar and punctuation in a professional manner.

Effective negotiation skills.

Ability to understand and interpret contracts.

Ability to use prudent judgment and problem solving skills to make recommendations that will assist my company in meeting its goals and mission.

Ability to pay close attention to detail with minimal supervision.

Ability to research and analyses varied purchasing/contract information.

Ability to handle stress and heavy workloads as needed with strict deadlines.

ANALYSIS/PROBLEM SOLVING: thoroughly thinks out and evaluates alternatives

Last Resume Update Sep 19, 2020
Address Kempton Park, South Africa
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