Electrical engineer
 To whom it may concern:
I am an ambitious, young and fresh South African who wants to become highly successful in changing the world. I have successfully conquered myself first. I have transformed myself from arrogant to humble, lazy to hardworking, negative to positive, unhappy to happy, pessimistic to optimistic, ungrateful to grateful, unlikable to likable and I have become a person who never quit as opposed to people who give up easily.
I CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY I have a positive smile all the time, I laugh, I have fun and I approach life with a sense of gratitude. I accept who I am and where I am in life. I make others happy and constantly find ways to be happier.
I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for whatever that is trow at me. Blame and excuses are the hallmarks of an unsuccessful life. I have started to take responsibility for everything today. This will allow me to learn more, to take control of my life and move forward quickly and successfully.
I BELIEVE IN MY SELF I go into everything I do with supreme confidence. I believe in my abilities to achieve. By doing that I can achieve anything I desire with empowering thoughts. To m achieve greatness I have to trust myself and confidence in my ability to triumph.
I DO WHAT I LOVE AND I'M PASSIONATE ABOUT This is what will keeps me moving during trying times. I have courage to follow my heart and intuition. I believe the only way to do great work is to love what you do.
I EMBRACE FAILURE I learn from the past and turn negative into future positive. I believe failure it's a chance to begin again with a more intelligent approach. I also believe failure must be a stepping stone to success and not a stumbling block.
I HAVE FOCUS ON MY STRENGTHS TALENTS AND ABILITIES successful people have exceptional clarity about who they are and who they are not. I will be highly successful if I discover my strengths and apply it through my life.
I DREAM BIG I've decide on what I want and go after it. No one who has achieved greatness had little expectations. I expect more than anyone else expects from me.
I HAVE ADOPTED THE MAGIC OF TINY STEPS I keep it simple and I take tiny step towards the small goal that I set, it will set me on the path to many successes. This will strengthen my belief system and build supreme confidence. Being constant is the glue that holds small steps together
I HAVE DIRECTION IN LIFE AND I PLAN MY JOURNEY I have an awesome action plan to achieve and my desired goals. I am aware of what is working and what is not working and I don't hesitate to change my approach if I am no getting the results I desire.
I AM DECISIVE I don't wait for everything to be perfect. Instead of seeking the impossible, efferent decision maker tend to leap without the answers and trust me that they'll be able to build their wings on a way down
I AM BRUTAL ON THE MONEY (it doesn't come easily) Saving money or saving habit it's a foundation of all financial success. I don't depend on a single income. I don't buy compulsively and I don't save what is left after spending, I only spend what is left after saving or investing
I TAKE ACTIONS If I have an idea that I really believe on it, I do something about it or else if don't, my idea it will remain worthless
I SOAR WITH THE EAGLES THAT FLY HIGH I get rid of toxic elements and mix with right people. If I want to succeeded, I have to spend my time with positive, happy people-the big thinkers and achievers.
I AM UNIQUE I challenge the status qua, I get out of my comfort zone, I do things differently and I stretch my abilities, stretching my abilities will make me great.

I WILL NEVER SURRENDER I will keep on moving and I never give up, I will always arrive at where I want to be and a copy of my Curriculum Vitae is attached.

Last Resume Update Jul 16, 2020
Address Cape Town, South Africa
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